NAMIBIAN WILDLIFE is extraordinarily rich. It now enjoys good protection and intelligent management, which allows it to thrive. We know the famous “big five”: those five large wild animals; namely, the lion, leopard, elephant, black rhino and African buffalo. But Namibia offers a wide habitat with abundant resources. It is a natural environment with a surprising diversity where we meet many other mammals…

IN THIS ANIMAL PARADISE, a reserve of over 30,000 hectares, home to the private area with its Babi-Babi lodge, is certainly no exception. It is full of wildlife where a great variety of species share this arid and yet generous nature. The small duiker, the impala graceful and slender, the oryx with its contrasting coat, the powerful blue wildebeest, Burchell's zebra with its stocky shape, or the majestic kudu… You will certainly not fail to come across one of these iconic animals when you go out into the bush…

Safari photo namibi babi-babi Jackal

Jackal € 150

Safari photo Steenbok namibi babi-babi

Steenbok € 300

Safari photo Warthog namibi babi-babi

Warthog € 400

Safari photo Impala namibi babi-babi

Impala € 550

Safari photo Oryx namibi babi-babi

Oryx € 700

Safari photo Black Wildebeest namibi babi-babi

Black Wildebeest € 1,000

Safari photo Burchell's zebra namibi babi-babi

Burchell’s zebra € 1,200

Safari photo Eland antelope namibi babi-babi

Eland antelope € 1,700

Safari photo Nyala namibi babi-babi

Nyala € 4,000

Safari photo Cheetah namibi babi-babi

Cheetah Upon request

Safari photo Roan antelope namibi babi-babi

Roan antelope Upon request

Safari photo Hippopotamus namibi babi-babi

Hippopotamus Upon request

Safari photo Duiker namibi babi-babi

Duiker € 300

Safari photo Common springbok namibi babi-babi

Common springbok € 350

Safari photo Damaliscus namibi babi-babi

Damaliscus € 500

Safari photo Red hartebeest namibi babi-babi

Red hartebeest € 700

Safari photo Blue wildebeest namibi babi-babi

Blue wildebeest € 850

Safari photo Mountain Zebra namibi babi-babi

Mountain Zebra € 1,200

Safari photo Greater Kudu namibi babi-babi

Greater Kudu € 1,700

Safari photo Waterbuck namibi babi-babi

Waterbuck € 1,900

Safari photo Lechwe namibi babi-babi

Lechwe € 4,000

Safari photo Sable antelope namibi babi-babi

Sable antelope Upon request

Safari photo Crocodile namibi babi-babi

Crocodile Upon request

Safari photo Buffalo namibi babi-babi

Buffalo Upon request

photos Oryx-Oryxantilope-Hippotragues

Oryx typically have long, straight horns pointing backwards. Their contrasting coat is characteristic.

photos bush namibie namibia

Head out into the bush with our local guides… Track down and flush out the big African game.

The pictures shown above form only a partial list of animals found in the hunting reserve of the Babi-Babi lodge. The animal populations in the reserve may vary according to the seasons, reproduction periods, etc. For more information, please contact our teams, which are at your disposal to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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